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SMH – What to read in 2018

Wow! Got a mention beside the big kids in today's Sydney Morning Herald. Jane Sullivan has an article called 'What to read in 2018: a selection of the big books on the shelves next year.' And [...]

Finding images for the book

When you pick up a biography, do you first turn to those glossy pages in the middle? The pages with the pictures, the paintings, the maps. The pages that somehow tell you what it [...]

The stories that get left out

What should biographers do with all the wonderful stories - or snippets - they discover along the way but can't include in their books? Many biographers do, of course, include them. But readers often [...]

Inside the publishing industry

How do books get from the publisher's hot little hands onto the shelves of bookstores? No, I don't really know either but yesterday it became a little clearer. Traditional publishers are part of a [...]

Elizabeth Macarthur – The Cover!

For release in April 2018. I know - too soon and not nearly soon enough! And yes, the farm in the painting is Elizabeth Farm, where Elizabeth Macarthur lived for most of her life. For [...]

Happy Birthday Mary Macarthur

Elizabeth Macarthur’s second surviving daughter, Mary Isabella, would today have turned 222 years old. One of these pictures may or may not be of Mary – they were both originally only labelled as [...]

Help me with this paragraph?

To set the scene, I'm reading my manuscript out loud, to test for clarity and sense. The dog seems nonplussed but the cat is appreciative. I'm also beginning to realise how lazy my pronunciation [...]

What do publicists do for authors anyway?

This week I met with my publicist, Alice Lewinsky. A few weeks earlier she'd sent me four pages of questions: about me, my career, my writing experience, and about the background to my book. She [...]