Online Discussion with Lucy Treloar, author of Salt Creek

Last night HARDCOPY participants (past and present) were lucky enough to take part in an online Facebook discussion with Australian novelist Lucy Treloar. Here are some of the highlights of Lucy’s responses (reproduced with the permission of Lucy, and of the HARDCOPY project officer Nigel Featherstone.) For 90 minutes Lucy was inundated with questions and she gamely fielded them with good cheer and fascinating insights. Lucy’s debut novel Salt Creek, was published by Picador in August 2015 (click through for my review). Salt Creek has been shortlisted for the 2016 [...]

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How to get your writing read by a publisher (or seven)

Some, but not all, of the participants, publishers and agents. Sadly my red 'power boots' are barely visible. Nor are my lucky socks. It’s really easy. All you have to do is spend 2-10 years writing, refining and rewriting your work. Then apply for a place in the ACT Writers Centre’s HARDCOPY Program for emerging writers. Then, if you are among the 30 or so people accepted, find the cash to pay for the course as well as two (and hopefully three) trips to Canberra. Flights and accommodation. [...]

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HARDCOPY Reading List

Next week is the second part of the ACT Writers Centre HARDCOPY program.  It is set up as a series of seminars and panel sessions over three days, like a mini writer's festival, just for us lucky participants. The sessions will focus on the publishing industry: What do publishers want? The role of an agent.  Copyright and contracts. What I wish I knew before I was published.  Let's get digital.  Telling your story with social media.  Reviews - the state of play.  Overcoming stage fright.  Publishing in a digital environment.  [...]

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Update re HARDCOPY Writing Program

In my earlier post about the HARDCOPY writing program I had a little rant about the lack of feedback provided by competitive arts programs.  Something along the lines of feedback being a vital professional development mechanism. In its application forms HARDCOPY promised feedback to the successful applicants only. But I found out today (while receiving feedback about my application*) that, no thanks to me, the HARDCOPY program is providing feedback to all applicants, successful as well as unsuccessful.  Well done HARDCOPY!   *Very positive, thanks for asking.

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A Win! Accepted into HARDCOPY Writing Program

So excited!  I have just been accepted into the 2015 HARDCOPY program. 30 writers from around Australia have been selected for Round 1, which consists of two long weekends (one in May, one in September) of writing and industry workshops.  Then 10 of those writers are selected for Round 2, which consists of one-on-one consultations between writers and publishers and a publishers panel Q&A. The program is subsidised by the Australia Council for the Arts, although the selected writers all need to stump up at least $550 plus travel and [...]

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