A few of my favourite things…podcasts

A great podcast has to be the best way to ensure a long commute is an enjoyable enterprise. My regular commute often totals around three hours (there and back again*) so it's in my own interest to fill those hours with interesting company. If I were involved in longer drives I might consider an audio book but for the commute to work a podcast or two fills the gap just nicely. My favourite podcasts currently include: Chat 10, Looks 3.  "Think of it as time well wasted."  Annabel Crabb and [...]

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2014 – My Year in Books

It's that time of year when the blogosphere, literary journals and newspapers are full of lists of best books of 2014.  So, for what it's worth, here's a list of (almost) everything I've read this year for pleasure.  The comments are simply whatever small note I made (or didn't make) in my reading journal. I rarely bother to finish (or list) a book I don't enjoy.  I've reviewed some of those listed below but I only blog about books that are at least vaguely relevant to the topic of biography [...]

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The Wife Drought by Annabel Crabb

We've all seen the alarming stats about women in the workplace.  The higher the workplace position, the fewer women.  But why?  And what to do about it?  Annabel Crabb thinks she has the answer.  And I think she's right. I've read lots of feminist critiques of the workplace, and I've enjoyed most of them.  I've read lots of interviews with women in positions of influence and power.  I've often enjoyed those too. But there comes a time when it all begins to get repetitive. Women do most of the housework.  [...]

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