Offers from publishers

Right now I have written offers from six different publishers (so far). Yes, six. Yes, all of them well-known publishing houses. I know, I'm gobsmacked too. I've spent the last few weeks talking with each of them, on the phone and face-to-face - wonderful and lengthy conversations about writing, editing, history and Elizabeth Macarthur. I must say that everyone I've spoken with has been incredibly friendly and nice.  And all very keen to win me over. I've never heard so many people say so many lovely things about my writing! [...]

Mary Cunnane – wisdom and advice from Australia’s favourite literary agent

Mary Cunnane. Photo sourced from We were all such literary newbies that the HARDCOPY program co-ordinator had to explain to us who Mary Cunnane was. Only the one of the best-known agents in Australia.  Only the woman to whom all doors in publishing were open. Only the founder of the Australian Literary Agents Association. Oh, you mean THAT Mary Cunnane.  Right. Mary led the final session of the HARDCOPY workshop, which was essentially an open discussion.  We would ask questions and she would answer them.  And she [...]

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How to be an author

During the first of the HARDCOPY workshops we studied how to write well.  The second workshop, though, is all about how to be an author. It is not at all the same thing. With a day still to go, my head is swimming with information.  In the days and weeks to come I will try to distil it and present the key messages from each session.  But for now, some key messages in rough note form. When choosing a publisher - will my book help the publisher to achieve their [...]

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