Sydney Gazette – a treasure from Trove

© Stephen Beaumont, Dreamstime Stock Photos Was there ever a more aptly named site than Trove?  I've been having a lovely time searching through copies of the Sydney Gazette from 1805. Along the way I stumbled across the following, marvellous snippets.  An eloping goose, dingoes, eels, goats and even a pot-smoking Reverend. A grey goose last week eloped from its owner, after a long and faithful servitude in different families. It came originally from Hawkesbury, and is, or possibly was considered of sixteen brothers and sisters the only [...]

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Marsden Online Archive

Samuel Marsden. Picture source: Wikimedia Commons It still amazes me that I can sit on my couch of an evening (fire crackling, tv blaring, #1 son immersed in the XBox) and yet the miracle that is the Internet means I can read a journal from 1814 in the original. Shall we pause for moment to consider how brilliant that is? The particular journal I found belonged to one Rev Samuel Marsden.  In Australia he was more or less reviled as the flogging parson but apparently he was (and, [...]

Raffles and Marsden

This was going to be the best blog post ever.  Well, best post since the last one anyway. I was going to include some photos of Fort Canning Park, in Singapore, which is near where I'm staying (yes, another work trip). Photo: Adventures in Biography And then I was going to mention how this park in the heart of downtown Singapore is where Raffles' original house was built, on a small hill overlooking the river. I hoped to say something witty about how plain old Thomas Raffles started [...]

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