Book Review: ‘Death by Dim Sim’ by Sarah Vincent

Every day at about 3pm Sarah Vincent would get up from her desk at work and haul her 122kg body across the car park to the food van across the way. Every day she would order three dim sims (or four or five) and eat them. And every day as she lumbered back to her desk she would sneer inwardly as she passed the smokers huddled outside the hospital where she worked, with their hospital gowns, and intravenous drips, and missing limbs - all desperate for their nicotine [...]

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Death by Dim Sim

Stopped by Readings Books in Carlton today to pick up a copy of my friend's newly released memoir: Death by Dim Sim. So exciting to see it on the shelf. You should buy a copy too. Here's the blurb from the back cover. Sarah Vincent once tipped the scales at 122 kilos. She worked at the back of a hospital making calls and answering emails, but at three o'clock every afternoon she would answer a very special call - the call of the dim sim. Running the gauntlet of [...]

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Emerging Writers Festival 2016 – Picks and Pans

L-R: Kate Mildenhall, Jane Harper, Robert Watkins, Sally Abbott, Sarah Vincent Feeling that I should spend my spare time actually writing, rather than going to writers festivals, has meant that I haven't attended a festival in quite a while.  So I'd forgotten how much fun they can be.  Or is it just that they seem more fun now that I actually know some people there? Either way, the single Sunday I spent at the week-long 2016 Emerging Writers Festival (EWF) in Melbourne was well worth the time. I [...]

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