The people you meet…

Given that writing is such a solitary act, I had no idea how many people I would meet in the process of writing my book. And what wonderful, friendly and helpful people they would turn out to be. In England, when I visited Elizabeth Macarthur's birthplace (a tiny village in north Devon) I met Sheila Cholwill, her husband Colin and her good friend Rose Hitchings. For two days they showed me around, fed me, introduced me, and generally just made me feel extraordinarily welcome.  Octogenarian Mr Bowden showed me through [...]

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Indigenous Immersion

For the past three days my ongoing adventures in biography have immersed me in Aboriginal culture and I attended: Indigenous Cultural Awareness course Indigenous Language Intensive Guided tour of the Mt William stone axe quarry Want to know what I learned? I'm happy to tell you, but first some context. In the course of my research I've become more and more interested in the interactions between the Macarthur family and the Aboriginal people whose lands the family colonised. The various relationships are often only hinted at but seem to have [...]

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Vale Inga Clendinnen

Inga Vivienne Clendinnen AO, FAHA,  author, historian, anthropologist and academic died yesterday aged 82. What a sad loss to the Australian life of the mind. Clendinnen's sharp insights and beautiful prose were (for me) best displayed in Dancing with Strangers: Europeans and Australians at First Contact (2003, Text Publishing). This small but perfectly formed exploration of the relationships and interactions between the Europeans and the first Australians in the earliest years of white settlement in NSW is a book I have returned to many times. Clendinnen illuminates without failing to [...]

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Had a coffee with my publisher yesterday…

Wow. It feels unbelievably good to say/write that out loud. After much deliberation and a lengthy discussion with my agent (ok, yes, it was over lunch but we both drank water - honest!) I decided to go with Text Publishing. In the end I was lucky enough to receive seven generous offers for the manuscript. I can't imagine that will ever happen again so I was careful to enjoy every minute! And speaking at length with the wise, intelligent and enthusiastic editors from each of those houses has been a [...]

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Are you a bookmarker?  Or a page corner turner? Perhaps you're a memory artist, flicking through the pages until you are back to where you left off. Of course if you're the e-reader type then you have no choice - it's the little flag or it's nothing.  But even without the flag the e-reader remembers.  If you want to lose your way in an e-book you might have to do it metaphorically. Me? I'm an old-fashioned lover of bookmarks.  Out and proud. Naturally the ones I love best are those [...]

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Marrakech – where the medieval meets the 21st century.

It's entirely possible that I might be in Marrakech this week.  No literary musings, no reviews - all I've done is work and sleep (badly).  But now I have two and a half days to explore this wonderful place.  My hotel (riad karmela) is down a tiny alleyway* and from there I can walk through the labyrinth of souks to the central square at Jmaa el Fna.  The streetscape is charming and the people are friendly and kind. Morocco is a 21st century country but Marrakech provides a glimpse [...]

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Lost Trades Fair 2016

It's on again. The wonderful Lost Trades Fair, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2016 at Kyneton Racecourse: 10am - 4pm Here's what I had to say about it last year... Given the huge crowds attending the Lost Trades Fair over the Labour Day weekend, perhaps some of the wonderful trades on display aren’t really lost at all.  More hiding their lights under a bushel – or a bushy beard. While I presume having a beard was not a necessary [...]

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Bookshelf Porn

  No!  Not that sort of porn.  Go back and search again, if that's what you're looking for.  What I'm talking about is pictures of beautiful and unusual bookshelves. Go ahead.  You know you like it.  Have a look and enjoy! All pictures sourced from  There's plenty more there for you to look at, just in case you've not yet had enough!

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Best reads of 2015

Not the best reads, mind you.  Simply my best reads for 2015.  Which may or may not include books published before 2015.  My blog, my rules!  It's great to be a despot.... Now to set the scene, you'll have to imagine the red carpet, the glorious frocks and the tedious speeches... The nominees for my favourite non-fiction read of 2015: H is for Hawk - Helen Macdonald (Remarkable, compelling, lyrical, insightful) The Invisible History of the Human Race - Christine Kenneally (Brilliant) Six Square Metres - Margaret Simon (Excellent) Wild [...]

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