So now I’m judging a writing competition

With some trepidation, I recently said yes to judging a writing competition. The Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers Competition  for short stories and creative non-fiction. Sian Prior is judging the non-fiction and Mark Brandi and I are judging the fiction. Yes, there are a lot of entries to read. Yes, the stories vary widely. And of course picking a winner is not an easy task. So what insights can I give you into the judging process? I read each story with care. I can only presume each was crafted with [...]

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Vote for me – please?

Writers Victoria is a wonderful organisation which supports and connects all types of writers at all stages of their writing careers. I've been a member for more than ten years - attending courses and workshops, and enjoying the monthly magazine. Writers Victoria also offers mentorships, a manuscript assessment service, and lots of support, advice and information. So, in an effort to give something back, I've decided to stand for a place on the Committee of Management. That is, I'd like to become a Board Member of Writers Victoria. But to [...]

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Indigenous Immersion

For the past three days my ongoing adventures in biography have immersed me in Aboriginal culture and I attended: Indigenous Cultural Awareness course Indigenous Language Intensive Guided tour of the Mt William stone axe quarry Want to know what I learned? I'm happy to tell you, but first some context. In the course of my research I've become more and more interested in the interactions between the Macarthur family and the Aboriginal people whose lands the family colonised. The various relationships are often only hinted at but seem to have [...]

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