Still a couple of places left in this one-day workshop (Sat 9 Oct, 2021). I’d be super grateful if you could spread the word!

Book here.

Last time I ran it we had a terrific time – great discussions, and lots of laughter. Interstate peeps and non-members of Writers Vic are very welcome too. Suits writers at all levels.

Sometimes the most compelling stories are about other people.

Whether you’re writing biography, interested in ghost writing, drawing together your family or local history, or even thinking about feature interviews–if you want to tell someone else’s story then learn how to illuminate your subject with writing that is engaging, ethical and insightful.

This lively and practical workshop will use real-life examples to examine what works–and what doesn’t–when it comes to writing other people’s lives.

Learning outcomes:

  • Ensuring your narrative is engaging and compelling–showing vs telling (scenes vs exposition)
  • Negotiating the ethics of writing about real people
  • Research and interview techniques and tips
  • Exploring different narrative structures, and applying them to your material
  • Next steps–honing your craft and/or seeking publication

Please bring along your favourite example of biography or life writing. Just one! And be prepared discuss why it’s your favourite. Beautifully written? Fascinating subject? An unexpected twist? Laugh-out-loud funny? An engaging narrative voice?