Writers! The Emerging Writers’ Festival is always terrific (whether you’re an emerging writer or not).

Most writers’ festivals are actually readers’ festivals – they focus on the content of the books under discussion. But the Emerging Writers’ Festival focuses in the loveliest way on the act of writing, and on being a writer.

And yes, all writers’ festivals struggle with where to put the apostrophe!

From Wednesday 14 – Saturday 24 June, EWF invites you to discover new stories, new voices, and new worlds. Over eleven days, dive into performances, panels, professional development opportunities, and online projects. With more than 50 in-person and digital events, and featuring over 150 artists, EWF has something for everyone.

View a digital version of the print program featuring festival highlights here [.PDF].

I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of EWF this year – Aaron Fa’Aoso and I are part of a discussion about writing collaboratively (on the Friday, at the Kathleen Syme Library in Carlton – free admission, bookings essential) – but there are SO many excellent sessions, including many that are free and/or online.

You don’t have to be a writer: this is a festival for anyone who is interested in writing (including readers!). Have a look at the program, you won’t be sorry!