1. It’s very easy to be distracted while reading.  Sometimes in a good way, like when I pause to Google a particular photo mentioned in the text.  But sometimes I’m just overcome by the urge to check my email.  Again.
  2. Travelling with books on the iPad is much more sensible than carting around a hardback.  Or three.  It may or may not be true that I possibly perhaps have been forced to buy extra luggage kilos when flying with books…
  3. I miss the weight and heft of a real book.  My iPad isn’t quite as comfortable in my hand.  And I’m such a newbie that I’m still toying with the configuration.  Portrait? Landscape? No, back to portrait.  It’s distracting (see point 1, above).
  4. In the course of my lifetime I’ve turned so many pages that, like blinking, I hardly notice I’m doing it.  On my iPad I notice.  Each and every page.
  5. I read a fabulous book review.  I coveted the book in question.  Mere moments later and voila!  Here it is in my hot little hand.  At almost half the price of a real copy.  Magic.
  6. Need a weight loss strategy?  I can recommend moving house.  Just move about 100 boxes, many packed with books, from there to there and then to over there.  Then unpack and shelve said books (having first laboriously assembled the new shelves).  eBooks solve the problem.  But a house without books is hardly a home.