Full confession: launching a book really is fun. And everyone is so nice! Over in Facebook land I’ve never had so many likes in my life.

I went into Readings Carlton to sign some copies, and they’ve subsequently put a copy of Elizabeth Macarthur into the window. Truly, I can now die happy.

I’ve had two radio interviews so far, and they both went well. Only one is available online, though: ABC Melbourne (774) Breakfast Show. Fast forward to 1:14:20 if you want to hear me rabbiting on for about 6 minutes or so.

And I was tickled pink to discover that the local paper from Elizabeth Macarthur’s home town in England did a little article about the book. They interviewed the lovely Rose, who was one of the women I became friends with on my trip to the UK. And yes, Rose has already received her signed copy of the book.

Next week – the first of my author talks – see News & Events for details.