I was SO looking forward to participating in this panel, in real life. I wanted to meet the other speakers, catch up with the awesome facilitator, chat with audience members afterwards.

But one of the few benefits of being forced by COVID-19 to pivot to an online format is this: what turned out to be a fascinating discussion is preserved, via Zoom, for (hopefully) a wider audience.

Join facilitator Kelly Gardiner (author and host of the podcast Unladylike) and panellists Mirranda Burton (author of Underground: Marsupial Outlaws and Other Rebels of Australia’s War in Vietnam), Dr. Victoria Grieve-Williams (Adjunct Professor (RMIT) and author of Aboriginal spirituality: Aboriginal philosophy – the basis of Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing) and me, as we take a look at history from a different perspective.

The first video is Part 1 – our discussion. I thought we started off a little slowly but it quickly became really interesting. The second video is the Q&A – and some of the questions were excellent. I only wish my answers had been better!